We will ask you various questions to find out what you need from your CCTV system. Once we have established your CCTV needs, we will give you several solutions to aid you in your selection .


Our CCTV Experts, will analyse what ever rooms you need your CCTV system to cover and point out areas of weakness and strengths. This will provide you with the best CCTV Security and CCTV coverage.


We will talk you through the installation process. From installation of the CCTV Camera's, to showing / teaching and instructing you on how to use your system until you feel satisfied and confident in your CCTV system.

Welcome to The CCTV Man Company !

The CCTV man is a premier CCTV installation company covering Bristol and the South West.

The philosophy of The CCTV man is one of constant innovation, with the flexibility to rapidly move CCTV systems and make them accessible in the Home and Workplace.

At The CCTV Man we guarantee to meet the customers’ demands. We have established a network for after sales services all over the UK. Our qualified and experienced service CCTV experts provide the quickest and best services to you. We have also conducted the training and after sales service and through their regular training they will always be at the leading edge, and be able to use and install the latest CCTV technology.

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Why Have CCTV ?

  • Proof of liability
    Help to record any accidents, acts of mindless vandalism or burglaries.
  • Reduced insurance
    Your insurance company may discount your insurance premiums if you install approved CCTV equipment.
  • Deter thieves.
    Clear CCTV placements, help to deter break-ins by opportunist thieves.